Thursday, November 01, 2012

November, be gentle



Already November.

November makes me nervous. I turned my calendar when I got to work this morning. I turned it with a bit of dread. In recent years, November has not been kind to me. Aunt Marie died in November. As did my friend Darren. My mom and dad's marriage was on the rocks in a November. I wrecked my car. I navigated through countless little inconveniences and heartaches that wouldn't have hurt so badly had they not come in November. November is hard. November is tears and a sad, heavy heart.

Perhaps this November could be different. 2012 could be the year to break the streak.

I am not asking for a perfect month. Perhaps just an uneventful one.

A trip to Chicago that is low on family drama. Pie Night with my cousins. Hockey games that aren't too good and aren't too bad. Thanksgiving with people I love. Consistency. Reliability. Bravery. Wednesday morning coffee dates with Lucy and Baby A. One decent book, minimum. Pumpkin bread.

Flipping my calendar to December without feeling as though I have been through battle. 


Thisisme said...

Oh I hear ya. It stinks having a month of doom feeling /: Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

I usually feel this way about Feb. Just yech. But! I think this is our year to break the streak!! :)

xoxo GFF

A said...

Yes. Breaking the streak. That's the theme for the month. Starting now!

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