Monday, November 05, 2012

Nerdfest 2012: the Election Return Edition

One of the very first things Lucy and I bonded over – other than our mutual love for one Mr. David J. Matthews – was politics.

Our political views were – and are – very similar. I suppose that isn’t entirely shocking. We grew up in the same upper middle class community, both to a mother who worked in public education and a father who worked in the automotive industry, we idolized the same government teacher, we have achieved the same level of education.

And we’re both huge nerds.

Therefore, it is only appropriate that, we spend tomorrow night camped out in her living room. Acting like the huge nerds that we are.

Carryout sushi. Tequila. An election night drinking game. Yoga pants are our uniform. Chet is going to tease us mercilessly. There may or may not be election-themed desserts from the local cupcake bakery. I’m bringing pajamas and Lucy’s making up the bed in the guest room. I’m in charge of buying coffee and breakfast on Wednesday morning.

Tequila and democracy!

Regardless of who is elected, this might get ugly.


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