Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My kind of workday

Ideally, my three-day weekend would have stretched into a five-day weekend. I would have been perfectly happy with not working yesterday or today.

Okay, and also the rest of my life. If I could be independently wealthy and find ample satisfaction in charitable work while simultaneously dabbling in the life of a professional student.

None of these scenarios panned out, however.

So, I will take what I can get. And what I can get, today, is a lazy morning at home. I rescheduled a coffee date with Lucy so that I could stay in my pajamas for an extra few hours and watch the USA/Russia soccer match. The American team was largely awful. I didn’t care. I got to watch live international soccer from my couch on a random Wednesday morning. All US Soccer matches should be played in the southwest corner of Russia.

What I also got was an afternoon at my desk, balancing doing actual work with the Netherlands/Germany game that happened to be playing on the Watch ESPN app on my iPad. I listened – I am not such a horrible employee as to sit there and watch – but having it on made my day so much more pleasant.

It’s the little things.

And those little things have been on my mind this week (for reasons that I will explain later). Maybe this just makes me the worst slacker and a terrible employee but being able to have soccer playing on my iPad, having the ability to send a few text messages or skim through Facebook or return an email (or 20): it keeps me sane. I don’t know if I could do a job where I was completely locked down and couldn’t waste time -- and not waste time; I get my work done -- as I see fit. After benefits and salary, that would be a serious consideration in taking a new job.

Which probably doesn’t say much about my work ethic.

But it does keep my blog updated regularly.


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