Sunday, November 11, 2012

More like this, please

Such a delightful, simple weekend.

Completely lacking in That One Big Event (a race, a soccer tournament, a party) that exhausts me. Sure, we went to the bar on Friday night but I had low expectations. Sure, my cousin Emma was in town but she surprised all of us and was moderately pleasant to be around. Sure, I had two hockey games today but they were spread out and I play goalie so I totally don't sweat and mostly I just have fun and enjoy breathing in the smell of ice arena.

That's one of my favorite smells, by the way. Ice arena. If you don't know what it smells like, you're missing out.

On Saturday night, I convinced Lucy and Chet to go out without the baby. I had plans to spend my night watching The Coach's team's game and I could certainly do that on their couch as easily as I could do it on my own. They saw a movie and had a taste of life that doesn't include lugging around a 25 pound baby; I watched The Coach's team win and sneaked into the baby's room on a regular basis to make sure he was breathing.

Or just to admire how bloody cute he is.

Goodness, I love that kid. I always knew that I would love Lucy and Chet's children, but I had no idea. No idea I could love Baby A as much as I do.

Today was a good day -- even though my hockey team is absolutely brutal (we lost both games) -- an especially good Sunday because it isn't followed by a Monday.

Well, of course it is followed by a Monday. Just not by a MONDAY. I have tomorrow off for Veteran's Day. And I am delighted.

All weekends should be three-day weekends. And many should be just like this one. I like having That One Big Event. But feeling rested is pretty damn awesome, too.


Elliott said... play goalie and don't sweat?!?!?! How is that possible? Not I, not I...

And you're right, the smell of ice is awesome. Playing in net two games in a row yesterday morning (and winning both of them) followed by 18 holes of golf in November in shirt sleeves was a great ending to the golf season.

Mrs. Architect said...

I, too, love the smell of the ice rink. Not that I've spend much time there, but its a distinct smell that reminds me of the fun times we would go ice skating with my cousins when we would visit my grandma.

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