Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday awesome

My dentist appointment this morning? Awesome. A good report and the hygienist never asked if I have a boyfriend and I got the kind, gentle, soft spoken dentist for my exam instead of the nagging one with the shrill voice.
My super-secret mission with Lucy? Awesome. Kentucky Derby tickets went on sale today. We fired up out iPads and our laptops and we bought ourselves a hell of a pair of tickets. This excursion suddenly became very, very real.

My lunch with Lucy and Baby A? Awesome. Really great server, fantastic food. Baby A was so sweet. And hungry. Some scone. A little butternut squash soup. A bit of chicken and dumplings. And a taste of crème brûlée. That kid sure can eat.

My trip to the grocery store? Awesome. As awesome as trips to the grocery store go. Meaning I didn't forget anything. That I know of. Yet.

My first run since last weekend's race? Awesome. Four miles, easy breezy.

My head going into tomorrow: the start of my week and possibly the start of something else? Awesome. I feel good. I feel grounded. I feel happy and rested and confident.


Mrs. Architect said...

This post makes me SO happy!

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