Saturday, November 03, 2012

Koala Bear

Road trip Saturday! I'm off to Chicago with Mom and Meg -- a quick trip for a first birthday party and a 15k race.

Conveniently, the first birthday party (for my cousin Mara's daughter) means that there is a substantial number of family members in town which means that we can't stay at Aunt Louise's house. Freedom!

I love Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed. They are just ...intense. Incredibly intense.

The freedom of a hotel stay, however, also comes with a steep price: somebody is going to have to share a bed with my mom.

The koala bear.

Meg and I coined the nickname after some trip in which one of us was forced to share a bed with her and it resulted in near-smothering and a running joke.

Which my mother does not think is funny.

Because she is obviously a cuddler. No matter who is in the bed with her.

Mom is called the koala bear in these situations because she grabs on to you like she's a koala bear and you're the tree. There's no avoiding it, really. One second you're sleeping and the next you're being held in a (koala) bear hug.

It isn't the most awesome.

And obviously my mother is offended if (when) we insinuate that we would rather she sleep alone.

I guess maybe if you got married at 19, you wouldn't ever want to sleep by yourself?

Not that her age at marriage explains her koala bear nature. It does not. I do not know the origins. I do not want to know the origins. I just channel all of my energy into hoping and wishing and praying that Meg takes one for the team.

Meg totally isn't going to take one for the team. We're going to have to arm wrestle or flip a coin or draw straws.


I hope I don't lose.

I hope that I don't draw the short straw.

Or should I say the short bamboo stalk?


Kari said...

So who drew the short bamboo stalk? I am guessing you?

A said...

Kari: you win the prize. Actually, it was me until approximately 20 minutes after my mom went to sleep. Then I snuck out. Meg doesn't try to smother me in my sleep.

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