Monday, November 26, 2012

I know the color of my parachute

Yesterday, when I went Christmas shopping with my mother, I could not help but notice all of the party dresses.

Christmastime at the mall is just ripe for party dress shopping, isn't it? So many dresses. So many sparkles. So many dresses that I would look absolutely adorable in.

What? I have a good body for dresses. (As long as I can have a seamstress sew in some boobage a really generously padded bra.) Dresses and coats. I basically look like a little boy in everything else.

Anyway. There were a plethora of gorgeous dresses and, you guys, I wanted them all. The short lace dresses. The long chiffon dresses. Long sleeved. Strapless. Vaguely trampy. Classic. Didn't matter. If it was a dress, I probably wanted it.

But the problem is that I am a librarian and I do not need an endless supply of party dresses. As a matter of fact, one may suggest that the number of party dresses that I currently own (it's a healthy number that I will keep to myself) is absurd considering how often I wear them. And, fine. Haters gonna hate.

I cannot stop thinking about all of the pretty dresses. I have been searching for a solution.

First potential solution: wear pretty party dresses to work. First potential problem: the creepers are already bad enough in my boring librarian clothes.

Second potential solution: become charming socialite/professional party date. Buy many dresses to wear to many parties. I can smile and nod and be blond and cute and wear all of the adorable dresses.

This may or may not mean that it's my goal in life to become a professional escort.

I'll worry about the details later.


Accidentally Me said...

First of all, don't dismiss #2 out of hand...there is some potential there:

Also, there is an option could HAVE more parties:-) Make your own reason to wear a dress!

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