Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I have questions

1. Does anyone have a flat iron recommendation? I am in the market for a new one. I don't know where to start. I just want one that makes my hair straight and doesn't fry it. And maybe is a fun color because I am 14.

2. Read anything good lately?

3. Pumpkin pie? Pecan pie? Apple pie? Other?

4. Who has a good idea on how I can trick myself into drinking more water? I was so good for a year or so, but I have fallen off of the wagon and spend my days as a wrinkled, dehydrated prune.

5. Is anyone else running a race on Thanksgiving morning?

6. Will Emma be on her best behavior this weekend or her worst?

7. Could it actually be possible that I am looking forward to the Christmas season?

8. What's the rule on losing a friend to a boyfriend? How much effort do you make? Because I just don't hear from Ashley these days. It makes me sad. It makes me angry. And I'm just not sure I want to be the one who is always exerting the energy to keep up our friendship.

9. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Friends? Family? All of the above? Regular Thursday because you aren't American?


Anonymous said...

Banana cream pie, easy and delicious! My water trick is to drink lots of tea in the winter at work. I'm usually cold so I will drink 3-4 mugs of tea in a day and that helps keep me hydrated. And friends with boyfriends.. I usually try to have a face to face to say I miss you and value our friendship but you have to put in effort too. Then if they don't, I think it's fair to let the burden of the friendship being all on you go.

Anonymous said...

I've been using the CHI (recommended to me by a hair stylist) to smooth over and straighten my hair for years. It does a great job of keeping it straight in humid or rainy weather. The One I use allows me to adjust the temperature, so if you have fine hair you can use a lower temp. It can be a bit expensive though, but I love it.

Kari said...

I have a whole pile of books to take with me on my trip...I am hoping at least some of them are good!
Apple or Saskatoon berry pie...better yet make them into a crisp and I am a happy girl.
I use a camelbak bottle at work (partially because I am a clutz), but also think I drink more when I use it.
I don't make that much effort when they have a bf -- maybe one or two invites on my end every 6 months or so.
Regular Thursday with dinner out with friends(all of us have lived in the US at a point in our lives)
Have a great Thanksgiving.


Accidentally Me said...

1) I got nothing
2) I am most of the way through Atlas Shrugged. Too long and way too wordy. Not sure where I am going next:-)
3) Apple. Oh, who am I kidding, I love almost all pies...
4) Other than keeping a water bottle on your desk at all times, I have no ideas.
5) Like, on foot?
6) Worst. Just a hunch, but it seems like she is due for one complete meltdown.
7) It could be possible, but probably not advisable;-)
8) You shouldn't have to feel like your friends are work.
9) The in-laws on Thursday and the pretend family on Saturday. There shall be much turkey and even more stuffing!

my life is brilliant said...

1. Ionic CHI. Amazing. Totally worth the money. Easier on your hair AND straightens faster. Everyone wins.

2. "The Bourbon Street Band Is Back," which we bought for Caroline on our trip to Nawlins a couple weekends ago. We decided each trip we take, we'll buy her a book about the destination. I thought of my favorite librarian. :)

3. Pecan pie for Thanksgiving. Grandma's peach cobbler for Christmas.

4. Crystal Light packets always help me when I'm not drinking enough water. Also, you could slice orange and apple slices and put them in your water (yes, at the same time). We went to a Thai restaurant once that did that, and I couldn't drink enough of their water. It was delicious!

5. I wish, kind of. I wish I was because I miss running, but it's hard to get out and go now with a baby. (I'll be able to run with her in our jogging stroller in 3 1/2 months!) The reason I'm not 100% on wishing I was running is because I'll probably be stressed about cooking Thanksgiving dinner for us and another family -- even though the other family evidently only eats turkey and mashed potatoes. Weird. At least that means more ham, stuffing, fresh green beans, and sweet potato balls (my family's tradition) for my husband and me! (I'm sure our guests will help us with the pumpkin roll and dinner rolls.)

6. My guess is worst. She'll have an audience.

7. Yay! I hope so.

8. Boo. On the effort, I give it 3 or 4 unreturned phone calls (maybe half with voice message) before I get the hint, and then I'm done. By that point, it can't be that they're too busy.

9. We're staying at home for Caroline's first turkey day! I'm excited about that. We're having some friends join us who are expecting a baby any day now (wife is due Dec. 8, but she's been placed on -- and is epically failing at, BTW -- bed rest because of high blood pressure). We will eat a ton, and then we might go over to a friends' house for dessert or games (depending on which friends' house we go to).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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