Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ho Ho Help

I’m starting my Christmas anxiety early this year.

My anxiety started on October 25 – at the mention of the two-months-until-the-big-day mark on the radio. It was at that moment that I realized that I don’t know what I’m going to buy Meg. That I don’t have any ideas for my mom. And that this clearly means that I will not have good presents for them and Christmas will be a disaster and everyone will cry.

I know that this isn’t logical or normal but, seriously, I have thought about Christmas presents every single day since October 25.

I just really, really like giving The Perfect Present.

It bothers me to give anything less. Even if it’s a really, really good gift that is just short of perfect.

I clearly manufacture a great deal of my own stress.

But I would like to minimize the holiday stress for others.

More specifically, my mother. (Who generally hosts Christmas brunch with my dad's family and, a few hours later, Christmas dinner with her family. It is insanity.)

Liz and I were talking about our family Christmas just this morning. About how it is so hectic and exhausting and, yes, it’s wonderful and it's our tradition but maybe it is too much. Maybe it’s time to scale down the Christmas celebration into something a little bit more manageable. Where our aunts and uncles aren’t buying us “kids” gifts (minus our two youngest cousins, we range in age from 25-34) (yes, it is ridiculous and it has been for quite some time) and maybe we just focus on spending time together and eating a ton of really good food, instead.

It might take a bit of convincing. The big, extravagant Christmas is a product of our grandmother. She loved it. And, while we’ve scaled it back in the past, we have always gone back to Christmas like Grandma would have wanted Christmas. Big. Huge. Wrapping paper tossed everywhere. Two days of pure, exhausting insanity.

It’s awesome. In a lot of ways, it’s really awesome. But it’s too much.

If you celebrate Christmas, I would be interested in hearing how your family does it. I think we’re in the market for a new tradition or two.


Kari said...

Often we go away somewhere hot for Christmas (Cuba, Mexico, Turks, etc)...we used to have a grand celebration but after my grandfather died on Christmas never felt the same. This year I am being the evil daughter/niece/gf/friend and heading to Burma! I am sure I will hear about it for years, but it is too great of an opportunity to pass up.

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