Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goalie for the last place team

Hockey is more or less the most annoying thing in my life at the moment.

No. That's not true. Emma and work are more annoying than hockey.

But hockey is right up there. Not my favorite activity at the moment. Far from it.

We didn't win a single game in November. Not one game. I think we won once in October.

Not that I play to win. I don't. I play because it's fun but fishing the puck out of the back of the net all the time isn't very fun. And neither is being in a locker room with a bunch of disappointed teammates because most of them do play to win.

It's just downer after downer after downer. I hate when I show up to games and my teammates are just assuming that we're going to lose. You can't do that. You can't go into a game thinking you're going to lose. Because you will. Every damn time.

Morale is not so great.

We're also missing Alexander something fierce. The rest of the team is missing the coaching. I'm just missing the entertainment of someone inappropriate to flirt with. (Not that my life isn't better and less complicated with him on the other side of the country. It is. Trust me.)

We have four months of this left. Four months of getting our asses kicked (unless my team decides to learn how to score some goals) on a regular basis.

It's a damn shame. I had so much fun playing last year. This year, going to the rink feels like a chore.

This is going to be a long season.


Elliott said...

Well that sucks. Playing like that is no fun. The team in the men's league I played on three years ago was like that. We won maybe 3 games all season. It was terrible. I hated it. I don't mind losing as long as we are in the game and have a chance of winning. But getting blown out everytime just plain sucks. I'm sorry you're not having more fun this year.

I've had to play in net a couple of times so far this season for both teams I play on and thankfully we've won all games I've played in net. Actually, neither team has lost a game yet...but I didn't just say that because I am not jinxing anything.

Hope it is gets better for you. Hockey is way too much fun to be not enjoying it. But I understand what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a new team?

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