Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11 months of awesome

This morning, all business casual in my dress and my tights, I spent 15 minutes dancing in the coffee shop. Baby A was demanding attention. I stood him up on the ottoman and we did the twist. He thought this was hysterical. We danced. He giggled. Lucy laughed and shook Baby A's maracas in time to our frantic, spastic dance moves.

I looked like a damn fool.

We were probably annoying every customer sitting alone, hunched over their laptops. Doing important, non-dancing things without a chubby baby as their sidekick.

And I was so happy.

Baby A will be 11 months old next week. But it feels a little like he has always been here. Like he has always been the third in our group of friends. I suppose he came just in time: filling the role left empty by Colleen, who decided that she would no longer be our friend shortly after he was born.

There was a minute when I was afraid that my friendship with Lucy wouldn't survive her becoming a parent. I had no reasoning for the fear. Change just scared me.

Had I known that it would be like this:

That we would be better friends (much better friends, at that) 11 months after Baby A was born.
That I would see her as much, if not more.
That I would love her son so fiercely.
That she and Chet and the baby would become part of my extended family.

Had I known, I would have encouraged her to start reproducing years ago.

I have dozens of reasons for wanting to have a baby of my own one day. But one of the reasons is so that Lucy can see her best friend become a mother, too. It's been such a pleasure, these last 11 months. I am a very lucky auntie. With some pretty sweet dance moves.


Accidentally Me said...

This could be the weirdest comment you ever get, but my first thought when reading this was "I wish I were a guy. I'd offer to get you pregnant."

Honestly. I am not normal. At all.

A said...

Bwahahahahahahaha. That's why I love you, darling. Thank you for the offer? I think. :)

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