Friday, October 19, 2012

Vacation Days, 2

I took today and Thursday as vacation days so that I could help with Lacey's "wedding." And then Lacey went and had her special day last weekend. But I decided to take the days off anyway. I kind of felt like I could use the break.

The only person who knows I had the days off -- besides my coworkers -- was Lucy. We met for coffee yesterday; I babysat for Baby A for a few hours today.

And I was the happiest girl in all the world.

The pace I have been keeping is unsustainable. I didn't take it entirely easy over the last two days, but I generally did what I wanted, when I wanted to and that alone felt like a luxury.

I visited Dad yesterday in the evening. We watched baseball together before I made dinner and headed out in search of athletic glory. I was subbing for a friend's soccer team, which was the perfect excuse to get out of the house before I was forced to spend too much time with my mom. Who I am still a little pissed at. Who is reportedly still pissed at Meg and me.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be another quiet day. I want to watch my team win a football game. I have to pick up my race packet for the half marathon I am running on Sunday. And I have to carb load.

Not that doing so is any drastic departure from my normal diet.

What is strange about this weekend's half marathon is how nonchalantly I am approaching it. Other than plan out my outfit, I haven't put too much thought into the race. I haven't decided if that's a good sign or a bad sign.

What about you guys? Anything exciting happening this weekend? Any sporting events that you're participating in? Participating in watching?

Go Blue!


Anonymous said...

i just posted a long-ish comment and blogger ate it. The gist was - hey, one of my besties is running on sunday too. look for her :) and, no it is totally find to be chill for this race (means you are a bad ass runner and don't think 13.1 is that big of a deal). and my weekend plans involve camping. it is going to rain all weekend. awesome...

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