Thursday, October 04, 2012

Signs (or lack thereof)

The job that I mentioned yesterday? I didn’t get it. I didn’t get invited for an in-person interview.

I don’t like failing and not landing that interview was disappointing. The reason I didn’t progress in the interview process was fairly clear: they were looking for someone who had more experience working with kids than I have.

C’est la vie.

I thought – briefly – that it could really happen.

I was seeing signs everywhere.

I told myself, after I got called for the interview, that I would have a hard time taking that job when I was still up for a local job that I had recently applied for.

And the next day, I got the rejection email for the local job.

I told myself how silly it would be to move if The Coach was even the slightest part of what convinced me to go – and he would have been a small part of what convinced me to go. Because what if this year was his last year coaching there? What if I moved there and he took a job somewhere else next season?

And, an hour before my interview, The Coach called with great news that all but cemented that he’ll be in his job again next season.

And, during the interview, they told me that the next round of interviews would be at the end of the very next week. Wouldn’t you know? I already had a long weekend scheduled. Flying out for an interview would be feasible.

And then the very next day, K emailed me with a question about jobs and moving.

All of this on the cusp of my 30th birthday. Which seems like a good time to make an enormous life change.

Maybe there was something to it.

Signs. Signs. I kept seeing signs. I don’t even know that I believe in signs, but they seemed so blatant and they were so hard to ignore.

Last Thursday night, I got the email that I wasn’t selected for the in-person interview. I was disappointed but I was not devastated. If I don’t have what they’re looking for, and if they're not willing to let me learn that component of the position on the job, at least they decided that before I dropped $600 on a plane ticket.

And it saved me from making a very big, very scary decision.

So maybe those signs weren’t signs after all.

Maybe I was mistaken. Maybe I interpreted them wrong.

That’s what I told myself yesterday, when I was writing about that job that wasn’t meant to be.

I logged into The Facebook just after I posted about the job that wasn’t meant to be.

And this gem was sitting at the top of my newsfeed.

What. The. Hell.


k said...

Bummer about the job. But if nothing else, you've realized what sort of other jobs are out there, and what you should be looking for. I agree with what you said in your previous post about being ambitious and currently bored. You are hardworking and have lots of energy, thus you do want a job where there is lots of potential and lots of room for growth. I keep looking for those jobs because a job like that is going to be the one that makes you happy and uses your strengths to the greatest degree. Maybe to keep yourself from getting too bored while you are looking, you can focus on gaining some skills (extra classes, volunteering...) that would help you get that rock start job!

Sarah said...

Move anyway?

Kari said...

The right job in the right place (wherever that may be) at the right time will come along. On paper I am not at all qualified for my current job (plant girl working in health policy). But it was the right fit, at the right time in the right city (involved an 1000km move).
So what I am saying is all in good time. Apply for anything that you think might be a fit -- applying doesn't mean you have to change jobs...just keeps your options open.

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