Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last one to the party

I have almost always attributed this phenomenon to my late birthday. Perhaps that's incorrect. Perhaps it is just me. I was always the youngest of my peers, yes, but I am also cautious by nature and always so afraid of disappointing my mom. I have to figure things out. I have to work through them in my mind. I need a reasonable

Of my friends and of my peers, I always seem to be the last. Since grade school - when I mastered my multiplication tables months after my classmates - I've watched my peers check off milestones. And I'm three steps behind.

I am always three steps behind.

It always happens. It just takes me longer. It always takes me longer.

And I guess that's why I'm not one of those girls who is 30 and devastated because she's not married. Or why I'm not fretting because I haven't birthed a baby or two. Or bought a house. Because, with the exception of academics, the big things take longer for me. They always have.

And they will.

But I am getting sick of waiting. Confident as I am that it will all happen in due time, I am impatient. I am ready for it to be my turn.    


Anonymous said...

I remember thinking that. Wanting, waiting for "my" turn. Then "my" turn came and part of me still misses the before, the life pre-marriage and pre-baby. Enjoy this time in your life, because once it becomes your turn, your life is forever changed/different.

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