Monday, October 29, 2012

I resisted writing That Post

I was going to write That Post again. That half-bragging, half-whining post about how my weekend was busy because I made it busy and it’s my fault that I’m exhausted and I can’t learn how to say no, how to live my life without a schedule that is packed so tight that I need to plan out a minute to catch my breath, how I just want a break but I never give myself a break. But you’ve all heard it from me a thousand times over. I’ve written that post a thousand times over. I did it again. I don’t learn.

Among the activities that kept me occupied over the course of my weekend was a soccer tournament on Saturday. My team made it to the tournament final, which means we played five games between 9:30 am and 7:30 pm. It was fantastically fun. I haven’t played in a soccer tournament in years. I forgot what it felt like to play. And play. And play more. And put on a smelly jersey and a pair of shin guards that are still damp from the last game.

Here’s something else I did: filled out my absentee ballot. I received it almost a month ago; I have no idea why it took me so long to sit down and vote for the candidates who I knew that I was voting for long before my ballot arrived. But I did. Dropping it off at the post office this morning was liberating.

My birthday was almost a month ago. I really need to finish up 30 for 30. Also: October? You were an absolute blur. If turning 30 means my life is always going to move at this speed, I’m going to need to reassess a few things (such as my 401k contribution) before I wake up one day and I’m 70.

Dad is feeling better but not great. He’s back to work and his normal routine, but we can all tell that he still isn’t 100% (even though he would never admit it). He has an appointment next week with a really respected, really well-known, ass-kicking concussion/sports neurology specialist. I’m not sure anything can be done for a concussion but wait it out, but I’m glad that he has the appointment nonetheless.

I will be spending approximately 23 hours in Chicago next weekend.

This post has absolutely no direction or point. Much like my life.

But I had gone a few days without posting. I don't like to do that. Makes me nervous.

Tell me about something, you guys.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered joining the Peace Corps? I was a volunteer in the late 90s and it was such an amazing experience. In reading your blog, I feel like you'd have a lot to give and I think you would get a lot out of it. Just food for thought!

Elliott said...

I had to play in net in a league last week because it's moose season in these parts. I don't usually play in net in leagues...I get way too nervous. Which is stupid because it's an over 35 beer league. I like playing in net in pick-up where there is no scoreboard, other then me keeping track of what time it is when the first puck goes by me. Well...I played well. We won our first game after tying the first 3 league games. And I got a shutout...the first one by any goalie on any team this year in the league.

Now every time our goalie lets in a shot he gets razed about how good the backup goalie/defenseman is. Which is kind of fun...

A said...

Bwahahahaha. Elliott, I love it. There is nothing better than harrassing teammates. And, seriously, kudos to you for stepping up and offering to play in net. I am always, always frustrated when - because of my position - I can never miss a game yet everybody else can.

A said...

And to the kind anonymous soul who left me a comment about Peace Corps: I've been thinking about that comment for a week now. I hadn't ever seriously considered it (assuming, I think, that I would never make it through the selection process) but now the seed has been planted and, well, you never know. I am certain that I would love it.

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