Saturday, October 13, 2012


I wouldn't mind repeating yesterday a few times over. It was a really, really good day. Perfect, maybe, if things can be perfect. But I'm not sure that they can.

I am dogsitting for my parents. It’s a convenient weekend for them to be gone, as they live just a few minutes from where Lacey’s parents live. Which is the location of today’s non-wedding wedding/engagement party/hippie lovefest. Which Lacey and her betrothed are attending. (I don’t know how they rented a car, but they rented a car.)

Because I was already so close to the scene of the crime, Lucy and I decided to use my mom’s kitchen to make apple crisp.

The floor plan at Mom and Dad’s house is pretty open. The kitchen opens up to the family room, so we were able to make a baby trap for Baby A (translation: face love seat to couch, push together.) so he could see us while we worked. And while he worked.

Baby A does all sorts of important work these days. Yelling at high pitches. Banging of blocks. Cuddling of various stuffed creatures. Delighted pats to attention-starved brown dogs.

We ate baked pumpkin oatmeal and we drank coffee and we baked up three pans of apple crisp in a respectably short period of time.

We packed up Baby A (who fell asleep the second we got in the car) and we headed over to Lacey’s, where we stayed for a few hours. Long enough to get a few things done, short enough to not fall slaves to the non-wedding wedding/engagement party/hippie lovefest. Having a baby is such a convenient excuse to leave places exactly when you want to leave.

After we left, I had the brilliant idea of swinging by the local gourmet carry-out/catering place. We picked up killer salads, salmon and bread pudding for our late lunch.

Before we ate, though, we stopped at my grandma’s. I needed to borrow a few serving pieces for the party. Grandma got to coo over Baby A for a few minutes. Everybody won.

And then we ate. Which was like winning once again.

Lucy and the baby left. I had a couple of hours to myself. I talked to The Coach. I ordered pizza for Meggie to pick up on her way over. We found the untelevised USA Soccer game on a maybe-not-so-legal internet feed and we crammed into my mom’s office – which has an armchair and a couch and is quite cozy – to watch it.

Grandpa stopped by – delivering food from Grandma and four treats for the dog. (She’s so cute and sweet.)

I listened to the radio broadcast of The Coach’s team’s game.

I put together a dessert tray. I made Lucy a list of all of the things that she needs to retrieve from the house tomorrow. (Soup. Pudding shots. Applesauce. Dessert tray.)

I fell into bed tired but, strangely, not exhausted.

I think that maybe you don’t get so tired, when you’re doing exactly what you want to do with exactly who you want to do it with.


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