Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dad fell down and broke his crown

My dad, helping coach my cousin’s hockey team, walked across the ice in his street shoes, slipped on a patch of ice that was recently resurfaced, fell, hit his head, knocked himself out and got a mighty big cut. Stupid.

My mom, who has a cell phone but largely cannot be counted on to answer it unless she’s expecting a call (or we’re in the midst of a family emergency that she, like, already knows about), was MIA for a good two hours last night following my dad’s grand slip and fall. Stupid.

My dad calls my 78 year old grandmother to pick him up from the rink. He insists that she take him home, instead of to the hospital. Stupid.

Meg learns about all of this in a phone call from my uncle. I learn about it in a text message from Meg. Stupid.

My dad wants to wait for my mom before he goes to the hospital, even though my mom has to be up at 4:30 am on Tuesday mornings and going to the hospital and getting checked in and getting the process started and presuming that she’ll meet you there at some point (if she ever answers the phone) is going to cut significant time off of the sleep she’s inevitably going to be missing.

Noticing the 20 missed calls on her phone, my mom calls me. And then she calls home. And then she calls me back for the full story. “You know I wasn’t there, right?” Nor did I talk to my uncle. Nor did I talk to my father. Stupid.

My mom sends me a text message to say that they’re in the ER, waiting for staples and for a CT scan. News that I pass on to Meg. And that’s the last I heard from them. 12 hours ago. Because telling me “we’re home, all is good!” is too difficult? Yes, a phone call or a text message would have woken me up. But it also would have let me sleep past 5:00 am, when I started tossing and turning and wondering what happened at the hospital. Stupid.

And I still don’t know what happened at the hospital. Stupid.

And now I’m fielding text messages from my cousins, who saw our younger cousin’s “I’m so glad that Uncle is okay. I love you, Uncle, get better soon!” Facebook status this morning. And I can’t even tell them anything. Because I don’t know anything. Stupid.

Today is my dad’s birthday and we have plans to go to dinner, which is convenient. Because I need to yell at him and my mom in person. They did this once before, this bullshit where they didn’t let me know what was happening, and it pissed me off then and it’s pissing me off now.

Happy birthday, Dad. I love you and I'm glad you're okay (MAYBE. I AM JUST GUESSING. I DO NOT LIKE JUST GUESSING.) and you’re annoying.


Kari said...

Why do parents think they can pull this? Imagine what they would do to you if you acted this way?
Here's hoping all is okay.

A said...

I don't know. They're assholes. My mom just called - 16 hours later - and said "we're not going to dinner tonight, your dad isn't doing so good." I should go to the house to see them -- it's his birthday and all -- but I'm so pissed (I had calmed down until she called) that I don't think there's any point.

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