Monday, October 08, 2012

Crabby, jealous, me

Happy Monday! I’m bitchy!

I was crabby yesterday and my rotten mood bled over into today. There is no real reason I’m acting like such a sourpuss. I’m just annoyed. About everything.

My chief annoyance is with Meg. Meg went to South Carolina to visit her boyfriend, Drew, this weekend. The thing with Meg that sometimes sets me off is that she always gets what she wants. It’s probably because that’s what she expects. For the universe to bend to her every whim. And the universe usually does.

So, regardless of being a week into her new job, Meg took Friday off (it was okayed before she started, of course, but it seemed ballsy to even ask) and went to visit Drew. I took her to the airport on Thursday evening. I was to pick her up from the airport at 6:15 last night but her fight was delayed and her new arrival time conflicted with my hockey game, so I passed along the honor to my mother.

But then Meg's flight was full-on cancelled and I was back on pick up duty. 9:30 this morning.

Making her late for work on her second Monday at work. Which, to me, is a really good reason for not travelling the first weekend of your brand new job or, at the very least, maybe not taking the last flight out.

But what do I know?

I'm just the crabby older sister.

Picking up Meg from the airport shaved 90 minutes off of a morning that was already packed. I wanted to run. I wanted to crank out a batch – maybe two – of sugar cookies for Lacey’s hippie marital extravaganza.* I wanted to sleep until my alarm went off at 7:00 am but I didn’t even get to do that, because Meg called at 6:00 am to inform me that she wouldn’t be in until 11:00 am.

And because I am bitchy all I can think about is how Meg is selfish and annoying and inconveniencing me. And that she shouldn’t have travelled this weekend anyway. Because I was stuck entertaining Emma and being annoyed with The Coach.

Which is probably what this rotten mood really comes down to.

Meg got her long-distance relationship. I got The Coach and his apathy. And sometimes that really pisses me off.


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