Tuesday, October 09, 2012

And the insanity continues

Lacey’s non-wedding wedding/engagement party/hippie lovefest is this Saturday and I am starting to get nervous.

Last weekend, Lacey went MIA and Lucy sent me a text message that said something along the lines of “Lacey isn’t returning my phone calls or text messages. Or her mom’s.” Cue panic. Was she having second thoughts? Is this not going to happen? Did we make gallons of applesauce for no reason?

She resurfaced the next day. Apparently Lacey was at a festival with men cutting logs and no cell phone service.

What? That’s what Lucy told me.

Reassured that this event was going to happen, Lucy and I proceeded with our tasks on Friday. We spent the morning making two huge batches of minestrone soup. In the afternoon, we transitioned to pudding shots. (Complete with sprinkles on top because we like to keep it classy.)

It was during our soup making that Lucy broke the news to me that she and I were now in charge of the favors for the non-wedding wedding/engagement party/hippie lovefest. Lacey’s mom originally said no favors. Now she wants favors. Lucy, always happy to strike a bargain, told her we would take on the project if she would be so kind as to relieve us of our cupcake duties.

We decided that sugar cookies, wrapped up all cute in cellophane with some ribbon and a clever tag would suffice.

Over the weekend, I started on the sugar cookies. I’m just throwing them into the freezer until later in the week, when Lucy and I will frost ‘em and bag ‘em up.

Somewhere in the midst of my cookie baking, Lucy sends me a text message. “Funny story. Talked to Lacey. She doesn’t have enough money to rent a car next week.”

When I talked to Lucy later, she told me a lengthy story about Lacey and her betrothed. They don’t have credit cards. They don’t have enough money in their checking accounts to cover the hold that a rental company would put on their debit cards. Lacey’s parents had just given them a bunch of money. Blah, blah, blah.

Lucy suggested the bus.

(I was so relieved that she didn’t offer to pay for the rental car.)

So, basically, I’m busting my ass to make 150 sugar cookies for a non-wedding wedding/engagement party/hippie lovefest that I don’t even know is going to happen.

And I still have no idea what I’m going to wear.


Kari said...

What -- she's not hopping a boxcar or hitching?

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