Saturday, October 06, 2012

30 for 30: #9

Marching right along with my 30 questions to celebrate my 30th birthday.

#9/30 -- from Accidentally Me

You have just won a is a trip, but you don't know what it is. Deep down, you are hoping that it is:

a) A sort of smallish, local trip for you and three others. Say it is a couple of nights in a nice hotel, some spa services and a really nice meal.

b) A super-elaborate trip, but only for you, that includes a week at an incredibly posh Caribbean resort and all sorts of fun activities.

I’m going to go with A.

A week entirely by myself – even if I’m doing all sorts of fun activities – might be a little bit too long. I don’t mind traveling by myself (a significant portion of my trip to Switzerland last year was spent solo) and I’m okay with being alone and if I won a fabulous vacation just for me I wouldn’t complain. But I would be a little afraid that I would be mighty sick of myself after a whole week.

But I would mostly hope for A because A is more than enough and I’d have some really great company, too. Plus, the prize would go not only to me but to my lucky guests. You all know how much extra joy I get out of doing nice things for other people. I wouldn’t hesitate to exchange a couple of days and a bit of glamour to bring along a few people I love.


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