Wednesday, October 03, 2012

30 for 30: #5 & #6

5/30 -- from K

If you didn't live in Michigan, where would you want to live?

I don’t know. Not exactly.

If we're talking fantasy, I would say South Africa. That place. My goodness, that beautiful and complicated place. It's still in my system.

But you're asking me about reality, aren't you?

I suspect that I would be most comfortable if I remained in the Midwest. I imagine that there would be something comforting about having the ability to drive home in a relatively short period of time. Chicago has always appealed to me – I’ve spent so much time there – and Columbus has had an odd pull as of late.

Moving farther away would undoubtedly be harder for me. Unless I was moving for The Perfect Job, I don’t think that I would move to a place where I don’t know a single soul. Thankfully, I have a geographically diverse group of friends and family. There are a lot of options out there, if I ever get brave enough to explore them.

And fellow bloggers totally count, so you should all be on high alert. We could be neighbors.

6/30 -- from K

What sort of job (or something else) would make you actually do it?

Can I tell a story here? Let me tell this quick story.

Last week, I had a phone interview. I had a phone interview for a job that is very far away. A job that I applied for when things between The Coach and I were much different.

When I got the call to schedule the phone interview, all I could think about was how stupid it would be for me to move for this boy at this point (and probably at any point).

But I scheduled the interview anyway because, hell: a little interview practice never hurt anyone.

I barely remembered applying for the job. So, when I did a little more research into the position and into the system where I would be working, I found myself pretty excited. About the job. It’s in a system that is significantly bigger than the one I currently work in. A system that is refreshingly progressive. A system where there seems to be legitimate room for growth, instead of one where change and advancement is only going to come with retirements.

There aren’t many opportunities in Michigan to work for a system like that.

And I’m ambitious. And, quite frankly, I’m a little bit bored. If I want to stay in this profession, I very well may need to relocate for a position that is like the one I interviewed for last week. Go out and get some experience and then maybe move back with the bulked-up résumé that I am going to need if I ever want to land a leadership role.

Also I would move for Lucy. I would move for Meg. I would move for a really cute, really great guy who actually likes me and isn’t afraid that he actually likes me. Not for The Coach.


k said...

"...really great guy who actually likes me and isn’t afraid that he actually likes me." Yes, this is what you (me too?) deserve!

PS - I think you are going to rock your 30s!

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