Monday, September 24, 2012

Victory is Mine!

Yesterday was...well, yesterday was very me. Very hectic. I played in a soccer game at 11:00 am, another soccer game at 2:00 pm and I skated with my hockey team at 8:00 pm.

I will admit that the level of activity might border on ridiculous, but I had so much fun. The weather was perfect for soccer. And I hadn't seen my hockey team since the springtime and it was a fond reunion.

On my way home from hockey, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few cartons of berries.

Because I had a cake to master and a goal to achieve.

I was working off of pure adrenaline. Baking to regain my pride.

Here's how it went.

9:54 pm: I finally get home.
9:56 pm: I turn on the oven.
9:56 pm: I remember that I need to find my Bundt pan. I get nervous. I go down to the basement.
10:06 pm: Give Bundt pan a Crisco lube job.
10:10 pm: Remember that I hate Liz's Pampered Chef measuring spoons.
10:12 pm: Oh, bloody hell. I have to zest a lemon. I hate zesting lemons. Especially without the proper tools.
10:15 pm: Oven is preheated.
10:18 pm: I taste one raspberry and one blackberry. And then I taste another blackberry because the first one was alarmingly tart.
10:19 pm: Dig in purse for cell phone. Realize that my cell phone is missing. Commence frantic search.
10:21 pm: Find cell phone. In purse.
10:25 pm: Successfully resist trying another raspberry.
10:26 pm: Decide that I hate Liz's professional-grade Kitchen Aid mixer.
10:27 pm: Open dishwasher, expecting to find it full of clean dishes. But it's empty! Feel joy.
10:28 pm: Mindlessly lick batter from spatula. Get out a new spatula.
10:31 pm: Fold berries into batter.
10:35 pm: Cake is in the oven!
10:39 pm: Begin waiting game. Entertain self with Gossip Girl and cleanup.
10:52 pm: Cleaning is complete. Collapse on couch. Contemplate what it would be like to be Blake Lively.
11:05 pm: Rotate the cake!
11:31 pm: Cautious, cautious. Careful, careful. Pull cake from the oven.
11:54 pm: Work up the nerve to flip the cake out of the pan. And it. looks. freaking. perfect.
11:56 pm: Celebratory handful of Goldfish crackers.

And it's a damn fine cake, you guys.

Almost worth the hassle.


Kari said...

Looks yummy! Might have to try making one.

Accidentally Me said...

Congrats! How might one get a piece of this cake...?

A said...

It's very yummy, Kari! But I wouldn't try it without a nonstick Bundt pan. It will break your heart! AM - hop on a flight to DTW. I'll meet you in baggage claim with a slice!

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