Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Great Baking Disaster of 2012

I worked a half-day yesterday.

I had grand plans.

Grand plans for scones and a Bundt cake. I even remembered to soften the butter.

I couldn’t find Lucy’s mixer. And I always like baking in my mom’s kitchen the very best, so I went over there to tackle my baking conquests.

First up: scones.

Scones that would have been magical if there hadn’t been remnants of the cheese/egg casserole that we made for brunch on Sunday on the bottom of the stove. There was a small fire. A small, smoky fire. While the scones were in the oven.

Which left half of my scones looking like a chimney sweep.

Seriously. I made scones with smoke inhalation.

The ones that weren’t ruined by the smoke were really delicious, though.

Next up was the Bundt cake that I was going to make for my boss’s birthday. Her birthday was earlier this month, actually, but today was one of the rare days that my whole department was going to be in the office. And cake should be reserved for a day when everyone is in attendance.

My boss is really picky and she's also quite the baker. I sent her the recipe to this cake and was like "just tell me if you'd like this because I don't want to make a cake that you won't like."

She confirmed that she would like it. And the told me not to glaze it but to maybe dust it with confectioners sugar and to use regular salt and not sea salt.

Okay, then! I was just looking for a yes or a no. But that's lovely.

I make the cake. And I put it in the Bundt pan and I am about to put it in the oven and I scroll down the recipe just a tiiiiiiny bit and there's a comment about how some people are having problems with the cake sticking to the pan.

But I've already greased up the pan and the batter is already in there so I have no choice but to put it in the oven and pray for 60 minutes.

If I had realized that the cake was a high stick risk, I would have been militant about greasing up that Bundt pan. And if I had really planned ahead, I would have made a special trip to my house to pick up mine - which is made of magical silicone.

But I didn't. And yesterday wasn't my day as far as baking days go.

When I flipped the cake out of than pan, I got this ugly lump of sweetness and berries.

Hideous. Awful.

I left it on the counter when I left. "Tell Dad to bring it in to work," I sighed.

Those fools will eat anything.

Even the ugliest cake ever.

(I think I'll try again this weekend.)


Anonymous said...

Still looks yummy!

A said...

So generous! Apparently Mom put it in the freezer, so I'll be able to report if it is more delicious than it is hideous. :)

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