Monday, September 17, 2012

Texting is dangerous

I really, really love my phone. It is my favorite thing. And that is unhealthy. I am aware. But it does so many nifty things! And it’s always there for me! And it’s really great for holding down the pages of my book when I’m trying to get it to lay flat on a table!

On Friday afternoon, I happened to be caressing my phone (read: texting) while walking down the stairs at Lucy’s house.

I know better. The stairs at Lucy’s house are a death trap. Lucy has fallen down the stairs. Chet has fallen down the stairs. As a matter of fact, I once witnessed Chet fall down the stairs from their front door when he came to answer it. They have an old house and the stairs seem too narrow for the big, clunky modern foot that is attached to the big, clunky modern gal who is holding her world (read: iPhone) in her hand while attempting a safe decent.

This story is going exactly where you think that this story is going.

I was engrossed in a text or a Tweet or an email or a Facebook post about yet another high school classmate’s newest baby. I was walking down the stairs. I totally missed a step. Landed on the outside of my right foot. Twisted my ankle. Fell on my ass. Immediately assumed that I was dying. Because it felt like that. It felt like I was dying. Dying of a broken ankle.

I was whimpering on the stairs. Wolf was sticking his snout in my face. All I could think about was the half marathon that I’m running in a month. The hockey season that starts in a week. The soccer team that I’m on with that boy who I decided – just last week – that I needed to start flirting with.

And here I am with a broken ankle.

Or a sprained ankle, which is seriously just as bad. Long time readers might remember the last time I tore up my ankle and sported a sexy robot boot and was generally miserable. That shit takes a long time to heal.

I do not have a long time. I have to run a half marathon. In five weeks. And I will, assuming that I don’t suffer any other texting injuries. The rolled ankle was just a stinger – a lot of pain and a little actual injury. I limped around on Friday and Saturday and I labored through a 9 mile run yesterday.

I'm fine.

Yes, I wrote an entire post about how I twisted my ankle and am actually fine.

I imagine you all feel as Meg felt this weekend. I offered her hourly updates on the status of my ankle. She didn't care. She wouldn't even look at it. Not even on Friday, when it was still stinging and I still thought it was maybe a little broken. My personal physical therapist didn't care.

But the Internet will! I will write about it in great detail!

Have I mentioned, dear readers, that I think that you're all saints? Reading about my ankle and my favorite color. Saints, indeed.


k said...

I sprained my right ankle too!! Backpacking this weekend. I stepped wrong, and couldn't correct with a 25lb pack on my back. I had to hike 3.5 miles out (with pack still on my back...), which totally sucked.

I'm afraid to run. It doesn't hurt much but I am afraid I'll step wrong again and make it worse. I think I am going to stick to my bike for a bit...

Anyway, I feel your pain. Literally.

MK said...

I'm very glad you are okay! As I was reading your post and the talk of your love of your phone, I thought the evil stairs were going to cause the demise of said loved phone! I'm glad it's okay too. :)

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