Wednesday, September 12, 2012

She was an American girl

I took the day off of work yesterday to make a quick trip down to Columbus to see a little more soccer.

Meg and I were just in Columbus seeing a Columbus Crew game. This game was a U.S. National Team World Cup qualifying match. Kind of a big deal and, as the U.S. National Team doesn't play nearby all that often, we couldn't pass up the opportunity.

We brought our friend Ryan with us. 

I have known Ryan for 11 years. He worked at the rink that I taught skating at when I was in college! ...which was also the rink that Meg taught skating at when she was in college. Also with Ryan. 

As I told him today as we were driving home: he passed all of my tests for a good road trip companion. He wasn't overly picky about food. He wasn't difficult about where he sat or where we went or what we did. He didn't criticize anyone's driving. He wasn't hung over and whining and/or vomiting in the back seat. He didn't snore. Basically, he wasn't annoying and I feel like trips bring out the most annoying in people. Ryan passed the test. Yay, Ryan!

We checked in to our hotel, went to lunch, put on our most patriotic and headed over to the stadium.

Where we proceeded to do a bit of tailgating and a lot of jello shots. 

Patriotic jello shots, I should add. Meg is spectacular and layered red and blue jello because we're classy like that.   

We went into the stadium early because we wanted to catch the team warmups. And then we found out that Meg's very, very favorite U.S. National Team player from when we were kids was signing autographs. So, we stopped by to snap a quick picture.

As I couldn't decide between my red and white striped shirts and I was afraid that I would be too cold in a tank top, I changed my shirt before we went into the stadium. Costume changes are essential to a great night, are they not?

After filling Meg's childhood dream (she loved him so much that she would pretend that she was him when we played soccer), we headed over to our seats and settled in.

This isn't a soccer blog, so I won't get much into the match. But, let me just say that it was fantastic. The stadium was sold out. The fans were crazy awesome intense: we stood the whole time! And, being that it was September 11, the patriotism was turned up just a little bit more. So many American flags. So much national pride. It was fun to be a part of it. It was fun to see the American team pull off a victory.

In exchange for taking yesterday off, I get to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend.


And totally worth it.


Susan said...

And why are you not dating Ryan? He looks totally cute. And is a great road trip companion!

Susan said...

Oh, also, you look totally cute, in all costume changes.

A said...

hahaha! I wondered if anyone would call me on that. Simple answer: not sure. We hadn't spent much time together recently until just this summer. I forgot how awesome he was, to be honest. But he very much feels like a friend. A good friend. So, I guess I'm not really sure where you go from there. Not quite ready to buy a ticket for the Awkward Train, I suppose.

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