Thursday, September 27, 2012

Non-wedding wedding slash engagement party slash hippiefest

Lucy and I have embarked on our latest project.

Our friend Lacey’s not-quite-wedding-not-quite-engagement party. Which will be held in 16 days at her mom and dad’s house.

Here are things you should know:
1. Lacey was going to get married last September. To a different guy who she had known for a very short period of time. I am not sure how long this current guy – Emmanuel – has been around but obviously it hasn’t been a year.
2. Emmanuel proposed by giving her some necklace with a shell or some creature’s claw on it. I can’t quite remember.
3. Lacey was supposed to have a not-quite-wedding-not-quite-engagement party in NYC (where she lived up until a few months ago) last weekend but she cancelled it. Three days before the party.
4. Lacey and Emmanuel are huge hippies.
5. So are Lacey’s parents.
6. This whole party is going to be utter insanity, not like anything that I would ever want for myself, and probably pretty great.

Last Sunday, Lucy met with Lacey’s mom about this wedding. Or engagement party. Whatever. Honestly, we’re not sure what it is because they’re not having a wedding and this is sort of the only time to celebrate their relationship but it isn’t really an engagement party either and the invitations are not clear and I think that other people will be confused because so am I.

Anyway. Lucy met with Lacey’s mom because Lucy is great.

Lacey’s mom was legitimately high and spouted ideas for nearly four hours. Lucy is really, really great.

I’m very glad that I didn’t have to sit through that.

(Do I need to mention that Lacey's mom smells strongly of patchouli?)

Pulling off this party in the period of time in which we have to pull off this party will require a miracle. I just have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t my party, that this party will be exactly how Lacey wants it to be and it’s just my job to make some damn cupcakes.

So, Lacey want this undefined party to be “sustainable” and I think that is great because it is very, very her. But her parents have an average number of place settings and no real plan to get any more and Lucy’s suggestion that she pick up some paper plates and bowls “just in case” was not received well. All I can picture is people eating with their hands.

Also there’s soup on the menu, so that should be extra challenging.

I’m sure that we’ll find a way to make it work (my current idea: thrift store and/or IKEA plates and bowls and silverware that we can turn around and donate when the party is over) (other current idea: party rentals, which I’m sure that the hippies will turn their noses up at). And I just need to make sure that I don’t allow myself to worry about it too much because if Lacey doesn’t care and Lacey’s mom doesn’t care, then I shouldn’t care.

It’s just that they have no idea how many people will be at this party so HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU HAVE ENOUGH SILVERWARE?


(Breathe, Alyson!)

Lacey’s mom asked for two dozen cupcakes. And this sends off alarms in my head. 24 cupcakes? Unless you’re expecting 10 people at this party (they’re renting a tent, so I suspect they’re expecting more than 10), you’re insane.

I am very worried about the amount of food at this party that might be an engagement party, might be a wedding reception, might be a hippie celebration of a relationship, might be a total gong show. In addition to being worried about the silverware.

Not so much worried about what Lucy and I agreed to do: Jello shots (easy), applesauce (easy), cupcakes (easy), wine (that must be local) (still easy), bales of decorative hay (totally making Lucy put that in her car), chicken noodle soup (easy) and possibly some trays of apple crisp because I’m concerned about the cupcake situation. Even though I’m totally making more than 24.

Thankfully, almost everything that Lucy suggested that we do are things that we can do ahead of time. And thankfully we only have two weeks to get it all done.

Also I should add that Lacey’s mom is planning on decorating the yard with hanging quilts and afghans. She is very artistic and I am sure that it will look great but I can’t visualize it.

That’s not true. I can totally visualize it. I can picture people standing around a bush with a quilt hanging from it, eating from their hands because we only have 10 place settings. That’s what I can imagine.

I’m just freaking out because that’s what I do. It’s going to be a great party. I honestly can’t wait.

(And I can’t wait to blog about it, either.)

What does one wear to an October non-wedding wedding/engagement party/hippie lovefest when there's a strong possibility that she'll end up doing dishes?


Anonymous said...

If you can't do paper goods, you can get plates/cups/flatware that are made from corn based stuff and is totally biodegradable. That might be a compromise. It's not that expensive.

A said...

Ooooh! YES! That's a fantastic idea.

k said...

I like the goodwill idea. Given the number of parties you throw, I'd be tempted to find some cute, mismatched stuff and save it for use at future parties too. Then again, I'm a pretty big proponent of not using disposal dishes/flatware.

If you get to compostable stuff, you'll want to make sure that you dispose of it seperately from the rest of the garbage. Even if it is biodegradable, it doesn't really help the cause if you throw it in the landfill, still takes up space... And there I go being all hippish too - I can't help it, living in the PacNW does this to you :)

A said...

Honestly, it's more the timeframe we're working with that makes this whole "sustainable" thing a pain in the ass. I would loooooove to search for a bunch of fun, mismatched stuff that I could keep (wanting to store it is another issue altogether) but I only have two weeks to go on the hunt...and 9,000 other things to do in the meantime!

Accidentally Me said...

If you are not currently researching pot cupcake recipes, then I am disappointed! Let me know if you need some help lining up a hash oil supplier...I can maybe help:-)

A said...


Kari said...

The biodegradable stuff is great and not that expensive (we have to use it at work for any functions involving certain grants). I think you can even buy it at Walmart (which is so odd to me). I've been invited to two of these types of weddings this year...they make great stories. Are they having a nest where everyone can put there wishes and all that crap into? What about installation art representing the day (guest participation required)? Symbolic improv poems that involve all the guests? Just some of the "great" ideas from the two weddings.
And I think you and Lucy should have some pot cupcakes to help you get through the day. I wish they would have served them at the two weddings rather than the organic lentil puffs.

A said...

OMG, Kari. OMG OMG OMG. I am dying. And planning on suggesting all of your great ideas to Lacey because they totally fit with the theme. hahahaha.

Wedding Photo Booth Hire said...

I love the idea. Thanks for sharing this with us my friend. :)

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