Friday, September 07, 2012

Little things

Lucy’s microwave was so dirty.

That’s a very Lucy thing, to have a dirty microwave. She doesn’t fuss about most small details. Especially when it comes to housekeeping. We’re very different like that.

Her microwave was filthy and I had a few extra minutes. I cleaned it because I like when things are clean and I like to do nice things for other people.

(Also because I’m staying at her house for another two weeks and, come on. If I’m going to microwave something is better be under the best possible conditions.)

(I did that thing where you microwave a bowl of lemon juice and water and just steam off all of the gunk. Easy.)

Lucy might barely notice that I cleaned it, but that doesn’t matter so much to me. She’ll be reheating her food in an improved environment. I have improved her quality of life, even if she doesn’t know it. Even if she doesn't care. Clean microwaves forever!


I was driving to work this morning, thinking about what I could cook up for my coworker. An easy meal or two that I could bring to work and send home with her. Her dad just died – the funeral is this weekend – and I want to do something to make her life a little bit easier.

Food is always the answer.


I loved mailing The Coach cookies.

It always made my week. Those cookies probably made me happier than they ever made him.


Lately, I have had great fun checking books out of the library for my mom. She had a busy summer. She hasn’t had much time to seek out books, but she’ll read if there is a book waiting for her on the coffee table.

I regularly replenish her supply. I like that I can do that.


Those little things – giving an unexcited gift or doing a tiny favor – it’s what makes me happy.

I like sending the perfect card. I like picking up a coffee for my coworker on my way to work. I like cleaning up the kitchen after supper. I like helping. I crave being that person. Being useful. Being helpful. I like taking care of the people close to me. I like making their life easier. Even if it’s only folding a load of laundry. Even if it’s only a bottle of nail polish in just the right color.

Sometimes it makes me feels old fashioned. Like maybe I would have been better suited to be a housewife in the 1950s.

I’ve always been this way. The girls on my soccer team used to tease me, because I always had just what they needed stashed away in my soccer bag. My high school friends would call me Mom right before tearing in to the granola bars that I brought for them. I have always been the one who bakes cupcakes for a birthday. Just because I can. Just because it makes me happy.

I can’t think of anything that makes me happier. Besides shirtless pictures of David Beckham. And, I assume, winning the lottery.


Unknown said...

My best friend/former college roomie is like this. She would cut out comics or newspaper articles for me and put them in the campus mail so I could have a surprise in my mailbox. Whenever she made herself hot tea, she offered to make some for me. One time I was really stressed out with papers and exams. After a long night at the library, I returned to our apartment at 5am to refuel and keep working, with the intention of pulling an all-nighter. But she had tidied up my room, did a "turn down service" with my bed, tucked in my stuffed animals, and left me a sweet note. So I slept for three hours.

You might not always receive a thank you for your thoughtfulness, but I assure you, your friends & family notice!

Anonymous said...

here's a huge THANK YOU for all those silently thought "thank you's" :)

A said...

Awww. I totally don't do it for the thank yous -- honestly, seriously. It just makes me happy to make others happy. But thank yous are pretty damn cool, too. :)

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