Sunday, September 09, 2012

Let's do this again

If this weekend is a preview of what this fall is going to be like, fall is absolutely going to be my favorite season of 2012. 

And the most exhausting.

Friday set the tone for the weekend. Friday kicked my ass.

I worked a full day. I went straight from work to the funeral home -- my coworker's dad died this week and I wanted to stop by the visitation to show my support. From the funeral home, I drove to Lucy's house and took Wolf for a quick walk. I wasn't even there 10 minutes and then it was off to my favorite soccer bar.

Meg and I met at the soccer bar. The U.S. Men's National Team was playing against Jamaica in a World Cup qualifier. And they lost.

Disappointing. We regrouped. We hopped in Meg's car and drove to another bar to meet up with our soccer team. I'll admit: I didn't have high hopes for our soccer team outing. I didn't even think that it was going to happen. But it happened. It so, so happened.

My soccer team doesn't spend much time socializing. Friday night was a gong show in the best possible way. All of those nice girls who also happen to be good footballers? Turns out they're a little wild, too.

I loved every second of it.

Until my alarm clock went off on Saturday morning.


I had to get up and dressed and ready to go to my coworker's father's funeral.

From there, I changed out of my dress, stopped by one of the local cupcake bakeries and drove downtown to meet one of my very favorite bloggers. Like, in real life. Like, I gave Teagan and big hug and it wasn't even awkward. Because she was already a friend. Blogging is awesome. (Who is coming to Detroit to hang out with me next?)

The reason I was crashing her tailgate is because Teagan has friends who are equivalent in awesomeness to her. Teagan's pal Will had an extra pair of tickets to the UM football game and offered them up to me. Crazy generous. I couldn't resist taking him up on the offer.

I didn't stay long because I had to go home to change, let out Wolf and meet Meg. It was, much like Friday evening, such a rush that I made Meg bring me lunch to eat in the car. Such a rush that I was seriously considering my pants in the car. While driving.

We made it to the Big House with time to spare. And a fun time was subsequently had. 

When it comes to sporting events, it is hard to top a UM football game. A football game at the Big House would inspire awe in almost anyone. When you're a graduate, the football games feel a little bit like Christmas. Drunken Christmas.   

Keeping with tradition, Meg and I went to our favorite post-football restaurant. I had intended to meet up with Teagan and her friends when we were through, but I hit a wall. And that wall, my friends, was called 3 hours of sleep.

I'm so lame.

But I would rather go home than go out and be zombie girl.

I had soccer this morning.

It was the big debut of my new soccer cleats and here is the thing, you guys: they're magic. I played so well. That's when I really, really love soccer. When it comes effortlessly. And when I can flirt with my teammates at halftime.

After soccer -- continuing with the theme of the weekend -- I rushed home. Quick shower. Attempt at making myself presentable. And off to see my blogger buddy once more before she went home.

Teagan is too fun and smart and funny and gorgeous and great. I tried talking her into coming down here every single weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

And then I went home. To see this cute little dude.

And my foreign exchange student. Who drives me a little bit more crazy every day.


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