Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm just going to put this out there

It pains me a little bit to write this, you guys.

But this is my blog. What is a blog for but a place to deposit your deepest and darkest thoughts and hopes and fears?

I just need to get this off of my chest because it is crushing my maize and blue heart.

I quite like Columbus, Ohio.

If you’re not aware, Michigan (where I went to college - Go Blue!) and Ohio State are not friends. Michigan and Ohio State are enemies. It is a fierce football rivalry that has bled over into other sports and academics and, oh, mostly everything. Intense.

Ohio State is in Columbus.

I’ve been in Columbus twice in the past month and, when I’m there I find that I am either:
a. vomiting at the mere sight of scarlet and grey
b. thinking that Columbus would be a rather nice city to live in.


But if I am being objective and looking at the city through not-maize-and-blue colored glasses, it’s a pretty nice place. Midwestern. A very manageable four hours from home. Big but not huge. Has a professional soccer team and a professional hockey team. Has Tim Horton’s. I could live there.

And be harassed about by friends and coworkers for one week every year.

Which doesn’t seem all that bad. Taking into consideration that I would be able to gloat at the conclusion of the big game. All of the big games. Football. Hockey. Basketball. Tennis. Lacrosse.

So many opportunities to be the arrogant jerk who went to the rival school.

And, when it comes to my school, I’m good at being cocky.

Maybe I should consider this more seriously.


Anonymous said...

you quite like Ohio/C-bus, BECAUSE ITS AWESOME, THATS WHY!!!

you failed to mention the shopping!

and the zoo!

and ME!




Accidentally Me said...

I think moving to Columbus would be a great idea. You know what would make it better? If, instead of Columbus, it was Boston...:-D

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