Saturday, September 01, 2012

Frantic Friday

Yesterday was my day off. Yesterday was insanity.

I sort of like days like yesterday and I sort of wonder why I do it to myself. Last week was such a busy week and then I go and cram my one day off so bloody full that I barely had time to sit down. Why? Why must I do this to myself?

This is just a rhetorical question. It’s obviously how I like to live because I keep doing it.

I was up late because I was baking a cake for my ex-boss’s birthday. Which, admittedly, is strange. But I was invited to lunch at my old office. My former work nemesis is moving on to a new job and what better way to send him off than to bring me in as a special guest? There is no better way. Plus it was my ex-boss’s birthday and I always made him a German chocolate cake for his birthday.

I like traditions.

So, in the morning I went for a jog. I ate yogurt, I drank coffee, I drove to the mall. I had an itch for a red and white striped shirt – I want to wear it to the U.S. Soccer game I’m attending later this month – and my girl Stacey pointed me in the right direction.

And then I ended up with a bunch of other stuff. Including a few birthday presents for my mom. Her birthday was Monday, but we’re throwing her a big party today.

After spending too much cash money at the mall, I went by my old office to make an appearance. Meg met me there (she’s worked closely with my ex-boss and with my former work nemesis and they both adore her) and we ate calzones and caught up and stuffed ourselves with my cake. All of my former coworkers were so excited about the cake.


Then I went to Mom and Dad’s house. To make another cake.

My mom requested Hummingbird Cake for her birthday party. I made the cake: Meg will frost it before her party.

And then I helped Mom and Meg move around some furniture.

And then I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner and to visit with my cousin Evan.

And then I went home and read 5 pages of a book that I absolutely must finish by next Thursday morning. I am 20some pages into the 400-page book and I am not all that interested in reading it and I am basically screwed.

Also I’m working today. And I’m working on Sunday. Tough break for the holiday weekend.

But at least I can sit down while I’m here. That’s one thing I can’t manage to do on my day off.


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