Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Foreign Exchange Student

I have neglected to share with you some important news, dear friends. I have a foreign exchange student! And I’m living in Lucy and Chet’s house!

Let me explain.

Last Monday, Lucy and Chet and Baby A left for a four week trip to visit with Chet’s family Israel. They asked me – months and months ago – to watch their dog, Wolf, and the house while they were gone. I would never refuse Lucy’s request for a favor.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but Chet is self employed. One of his really good friends worked for him for four or five years – until he moved out east just after Baby A was born. Instead of letting the business sit for a month, Chet recruited his friend to run the show for the month that he's away.

And that is how I ended up with my foreign exchange student.

Foreign Exchange Student - who, like Chet, is Israeli - is staying at Lucy and Chet's house. With me. With the dog. It is absolutely the weirdest living arrangement that I have ever consented to. I live in a constant state of amusement. The whole thing is completely bizarre and hilarious. And, oddly enough, it is working out pretty well.

Now here is where you ask why Lucy and Chet didn't just ask Foreign Exchange Student to watch the dog and the house. It's a valid question. Because that would be a very logical arrangement. He lost Wolf the one and only time he watched him. Therefore, he is trusted to watch the business but not the fur baby.

Like I said: weird.

But I'm not sharing a house with a complete stranger. Before he moved, I saw Foreign Exchange Student almost every weekend. We spent a lot of time together. I certainly consider him a friend.   A friend with whom I have a slight language barrier.   A friend who I constantly have the urge to clean up after.

A friend who wears Axe body spray (like, a lot) and sort of looks like he could be on Jersey Shore. A friend who is lonely and therefore wants to hang out all of the time even though I do not have hours and hours of time to watch television or get dinner or whatever because I have this book I need to finish for work and YOU MUST STOP TALKING SO I CAN READ THE BOOK.

A friend with the most twisted, random, confused views on American politics and who, therefore, has been quite a trip to watch the Republican and Democratic National Conventions with.

A friend who keeps kosher. I find his diet oddly challenging. Odd because I hardly eat any meat but I also don't eat manly vegetarian fare. Not that I need to cook for him but, if I'm making dinner for me I might as well make dinner for us but I spent so much time and effort and energy trying to determine a meal that I can make that he can eat and want to eat that I usually end up eating cereal. Or a grilled cheese. He turned down my offer for a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday. (Who turns down a grilled cheese? I'm not sure that I can trust him.)

A friend who isn't anything more and won't be anything more, so don't even go there because various members of my family already did (he came with me to my mom's birthday party on Saturday) and, honestly, this is not Lucy and Chet tricking us into falling in love. (Although it would make a good plot to a romantic comedy, right?) We are horribly suited for each other.

But he's fun to have around.

I've never had a foreign exchange student before.


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Accidentally Me said...

Horribly suited or not, you should still make out with him...

Wait, unless he is gross.

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