Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30 for 30: #3

I'm answering 30 questions for my 30th birthday. Which is in just one week. OMG. You should ask me a question so that I don't feel so bad about turning 30.

3/30 -- from Susan

Actually, I've been dying to know what you did at your previous job. It was clearly something sports related? Or something? I realize you probably don't want to talk about your job on the internet, but is there anyway you could give a more clear picture without giving it all away?

I worked in college sports administration doing marketing/communications/PR. I focused a lot on engaging those involved in the youth game (players/coaches/families) -- getting them out to games, making fans out of 'em. In the summers, I spent far too much time, effort and energy coordinating the organization's summer camps. Great for building relationships with the groups that I was targeting. Also great for driving me absolutely insane.

There were times that I absolutely love my job and there were times that I absolutely hated it. No matter how much I loved it, it was impossible to ignore the writing on the wall: I was paid pennies and there was little or no room for growth in my position or advancement in the organization. That's when I decided it was time to go to library school. My bosses were flexible enough to make my schedule work with my classes and again when I started working part time at a library; I am eternally grateful for that flexibility.

There are aspects of that job that I truly miss. I had a rapport with my coworkers that I don't expect will ever be matched. You know what you get when you put a bunch of jocks in an office building? Fun. And a lot of really great nicknames. It was so much easier to have a conversation with a stranger about my job -- being that it was generally viewed as being somewhat cool -- than it is now. (Telling someone I'm a librarian is often met with crickets.) Also I miss the parade of handsome athletes and former athletes who were forever parading through my building. Like, I really, really miss it. Like if I think about that any more I might cry.

I really like books but, I'm sorry: books aren't a hot, cocky jock all dressed up for a business meeting.

Of course, books also don't break my heart. (See: The Athlete, The Coach -- both of whom I knew from my previous job.)


Susan said...

This whole 30 for 30 thing was such a great idea, and this was a great response. Thanks! It was nice to know more about your former job. And now I am totally gonna email you to ask about the coach... :)

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