Saturday, September 22, 2012

30 for 30: #2

In case you missed it, I'm answering 30 questions for my 30th birthday. And it isn't too late to pick my brain. Leave me one in the comments. Ask away.

2/30 -- from Elliott

Just curious as why you decided on goalie when you started hockey after figuring skating for years? I've coached girls hockey from the time the girls were 9 and saw them through to their graduation from minor hockey. Over the years a few girls came to hockey from figure skating. They were all really strong skaters, especially backward skating. We turned two of them into excellent defense. And with you being a fan and actually watching hockey (my girls certainly did not) you understand the game, the strategies, positioning, etc. I would have thought defense would have been a better fit...

It happened entirely by accident.

The first season I played hockey, I did it on a whim. A bunch of people I coached skating with decided to give hockey a try. It was, as you might guess, a complete gong show.

As you probably know, Meg plays hockey. Like, real hockey. She is a forward, so I had player equipment at my disposal. And we had a goalie, anyway. Not that I gave even a thought to goaltending. I didn’t. So I played forward and I was bad.

The second season I played hockey, I played in a league with a bunch of other adult women who had no idea what they were doing. But, unlike many of them, I could skate. I played defense. And I was bad.

In the third season I played, I was again in the league with the other beginner women. But my team didn’t have a goalie. To be a team player, I volunteered to be our goalie in our first game – with the intention of not playing in net ever, ever again. But I was actually kind of good at it. And it was actually kind of fun.

I never skated out again.

In soccer I play offense and Meg plays goalie. And in hockey, Meg plays offense and I play goalie. Funny, right?


Elliott said...

Fair enough and makes perfectly good sense.

I played D growing up and my brother was a goalie. We switched equipment a few times when we got bored of our own positions. So I developed a bit of nack for goaltending.

Now I play in net when we play pick-up (2-3 times a week) and I play D when I play in leagues (2 times a week). Playing both keeps me from getting bored.

I'm glad you enjoy goalie and are kind of good at it.

Hockey is so much fun.

Mrs. Architect said...

Great question and great answer! Loved this one!

A said...

Even calling me kind of good is a generous statement, to be perfectly honest. I have the perfect amount of skill for my league. Which isn't so much! hahaha.

Elliott said...

At least you're out there trying and having fun. That is the main thing.

Some days the puck looks like a beachball and everything is easy to save, other days it feels like I have never played before. I know what you mean.

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