Friday, September 21, 2012

30 for 30: #1

In case you missed it, I'm answering 30 questions for my 30th birthday. And it isn't too late to pick my brain. Leave me one in the comments. Ask away.

1/30 -- from Accidentally Me

Please identify three specific that you would like to accomplish in the month before you turn 30, one you would like to accomplish in the year that you are 30, and one that you would like to accomplish in your 30's.

In the month before I turn 30: Well, we're going to have to tighten up the timeline here since I'm just starting my questions now. (Always the slacker, am I not?) In the 11 days before I turn 30, I have two specific goals that I want to accomplish. The first being that I want to buy a new white cardigan. Preferably The Perfect White Cardigan but, due to the short timeline, I would gladly purchase one that is nearly perfect. I wear cardigans quite frequently (likely more often than I should) and my current go-to white cardigan has seen better days. The second goal that I would like to accomplish before I turn 30 is that I want to successfully bake that damn cake that got the best of me yesterday. Almost 30 or not, this baker will not be intimidated.

In the year that I am 30: This was the hardest goal for me to pin down. The length of time intimidates me: long enough that the goal should be substantial, short enough that I'll have to work to accomplish it. In the year that I am 30, I would like to add one good friend to my life. A good friend being one who isn't activity specific (I have lots of soccer friends, hockey friends, work friends - who exist only in those environments), who adds something positive to my life, who I trust and who knows exactly how crazy I am and still likes me. Lately, it has seemed much easier to lose my good friends than it has been to find new ones. It's time to make an effort to turn that around.

In my 30s: Is it too cliché to say babies? I think I'm going to say it anyway. BABIES. Actually, I don't want to be too greedy. Baby. Singular. The baby does not have to be biologically mine. I have no specific goals in terms of how I will have this baby or the type of home that I will raise him or her in or anything, really. I just know that I will be disappointed if I leave my 30s without having a kid in some way, shape or form. Maybe I'll be a foster mom. Maybe I'll be one of those women who has a seven month old and is four months pregnant. Dreaming this dream and putting a timeline on it is big enough and scary enough* without the specifics. And I think the details usually work themselves out.

*Just typing this freaks me out, to be honest. Not accomplishing something is hard enough without the whole world knowing that you didn't do what you dreamed of doing. In my offline life, I never mention how I want to get married or have babies or write a book. Maybe I shouldn't be so scared to put it out there, but I am.


Accidentally Me said...

Yes, it is too cliche to say babies!!!

But the other two are good enough that you get a check mark:-)

A said...

HA! I knew it would be. Perhaps I will brainstorm and come up with a second bonus goal just 'cause I like you.

Heather said...

i don't know if it's PERFECT, but it's pretty close.

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