Thursday, July 05, 2012

Meg and 'Merica

I am not excited about being at work today. I am not excited at all. I am sleepy. I feel a little sick. I have exactly zero motivation, my office is a little cold and my hair is fluffy.

Working the day after a holiday is the worst torture.

I spent Independence Day as I have spent every Independence Day for the last 20 years: at the lake, celebrating the birth of my sister and the birth of America.

It is usually a pretty big fiesta and this year was no different. Despite a severe shortage of our closest cousins (Emma is studying abroad, Anna didn’t come in from New York, Liz and her boyfriend took a trip), we had a good crowd.

We had the usual. Family and family friends. And we had guests who aren’t at Meg’s party every year. And that was especially fun. New blood. New people for my grandpa to tell his same old stories.

Drew, Meg’s boyfriend, flew in for the weekend. He’s a really nice kid, you guys. I like him. Up until Drew, I have liked exactly zero of the guys Meg has brought around. He seems like a keeper.

Lucy, Chet and Baby A came over – it was the first time my grandma had met Baby A and she totally lost her shit.

Meg’s former teammate/college roommate/friend visited with her twin daughters (they’re two) and her newborn baby (2 weeks). Twins and a newborn at 26. OMG. I could barely do laundry when I was 26.

Another one of Meg’s college roommates stopped by with her husband.

And this is how I discovered a great way to distract your family from your lack of a husband/boyfriend/baby: surround yourself with the husbands/boyfriends/babies of others. Seriously. Amazing distraction. Not only did nobody say a word about my lack of husband/boyfriend/baby, nobody even told me that I looked too skinny.

I wasn’t just distracted. With how things are currently, simple distraction makes for a decent day. But I wasn’t just distracted. I had a great time.

It was a very good day.


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