Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Go, Blue, Go!

Last Sunday, Blue went to the vet and we got bad, scary news.

Last Tuesday, Blue went back to the vet: her red blood cell count had dropped lower.

Last Thursday, Blue went back to the vet: her red blood cell count dropped. Again. Slower, but it had still dropped. Her count was 14.2. The low end of normal is in the 30s. I went with my mom to that appointment and I heard my mom's long, sad sigh as the vet gave us bad news again. It broke my heart.

But Blue is a trooper. Through all of this, Blue continues to eat. Blue continues to jump on the couch. Blue barks at ducks and wanders down to the lake and tries to steal whatever toy has Ellie's attention. Blue gives kisses. Blue begs for food.

She certainly doesn't have her usual energy and endurance, but she's hanging in there. "You're not acting like a dog in Hospice," my mom said to her over the weekend. Which is absolutely true. And why we've all been cautiously optimistic.

Maybe she has a little more energy today. Maybe her gums have a little more pink coloring to them. We try to be optimistic and we try not to be too optimistic. My mom was sure that she seemed better before Thursday's appointment and all we got was news of another drop. I liked being optimistic, but I wondered if we were all just convincing each other for the sake of comfort. So we didn't have to sit around all weekend, watching the dog who wouldn't be with us much longer.

My mom took her to the vet again yesterday. She had her blood drawn again yesterday. She's at a 15. Up, just a little, but up nonetheless. It's a good sign. She's a tough girl.


klynne said...

Sure hope she gets better

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