Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Colleen Getting Married

Colleen gets married on Saturday.

Lucy and I knew that she was planning a June wedding, but we weren’t quite sure the date. So I pulled up her name on the Target wedding registry. Voilà! The beauty of the internet. Her wedding is this weekend.

Lucy and I don’t discuss our friendship breakup endlessly anymore. We’re over that, mostly. It’s kind of impossible for her name to not creep into conversations occasionally. She was our third musketeer for a lot of years. A lot of our shared memories feature Colleen.

It still makes me sad.

I kind of expected her to call Lucy on her birthday. I kind of expected her to reach out in the weeks before her wedding.

She did neither. That’s okay. I mean, we’re not friends anymore. I suppose that’s what I should expect. And it makes things easier. I have no moral dilemma – to attend or not to attend. Colleen is taking care of that for me and, for that, I’m grateful.

And I’m grateful – as much as I would like to insulate Lucy from any pain or misfortune – that Lucy is in this boat with me. That she can agree when I admit that, gosh, this feels weird. And it feels wrong and it feels sad. Colleen is getting married and we won’t be there.

So, on the night of her wedding, we’re going to go to a trashy bar and we’re going to get really drunk.


Accidentally Me said...

I find it weird that she didn't invite you...it's not like you had some major fight at any point.

Do you have any idea about the wedding? Is it just family, or did she invite other friends?

The trashy bar, however, I love.

Mrs. Architect said...

Wow. I'm shocked! I'm sorry about the whole situation, but maybe its for the best. I've told Teagan and I firmly believe this: people come and go in our lives and its ok when they go. Especially ones that do nothing but 'take' from the relationship.

LOVE the trashy bar idea! Imagine if they showed up at the same one after the wedding! teeheehee

Unknown said...

i mean, what else is there to do?

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