Tuesday, June 12, 2012


She'll only turn 30 once, which seemed reason enough to make Lucy’s birthday an especially special birthday.

I would have been happy to organize a big party, but that has always been Chet’s domain and I didn’t want to step on his toes. (Strangely, he didn't organize anything.) Instead, I asked Lucy if she would join me for lunch on her birthday. And I took her to high tea because we're fancy ladies.

There’s a sweet little tea room that isn’t far from us. It’s so very old fashioned and frou-frou and dainty and girlie. I have been wanting a reason to drag Lucy there since I was treated to high tea a few years ago: her 30th birthday seemed like the perfect excuse.

As is the case for every time we've been in public together in the last five months, Baby A was the big star of the show. The staff (all three of 'em) passed along the cute baby memo and everyone stopped by our table to see the little guy smile.

We ordered all of the components of our high tea finger sandwiches, scones, tortes and, of course, tea. They bring everything out at a very leisurely pace, so we had plenty of time to sip our tea and admire the baby and talk and talk and talk.

And open presents, of course.

I wrapped Lucy four small presents. Which was a clue to her one big present not a gift, but an experience.

First, she opened a bottle of bourbon. At that moment, with a big bottle of booze on the table, I am sure that the other ladies at the restaurant were very impressed by our class.

Next, Lucy opened a potted spearmint plant. We got a little bit of dirt on the tablecloth. Again, likely impressing the other ladies at tea.

I gave her the biggest gift next. When she opened it, her eyes got big. "No," she said. I just laughed at her, staring at the wide brim summer hat that sat in her box. "Do we...have plans...next May?"

I handed her the final gift. A travel guide to Louisville.

We're going to the Kentucky Derby.

Lucy has always, always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby. When better to knock an item off of your bucket list than in celebration of your 30th birthday?

Kentucky is a reasonable drive from the D. I snagged us a few hotel rooms. Why not? With a friendship that was cemented on road trips, it is only appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture and that sweet baby face!!!!

Mrs. Architect said...

AMAZING gift!!! Perfect for a perfect bestie!

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