Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Spell check

I spend so much of my time helping people on the computers.

Having basic computer skills – and I mean BASIC computer skills (like knowing how/where to type in a website address or how to double-click a mouse) – is definitely something that I take for granted.

Every day, there’s something.

A woman who types her email address into the browser’s address field and starts screaming at me when it doesn’t log her into her email. A man who is convinced that the person on the computer next to him has stolen his identity because “SHE HAS AN iPHONE!”

Some people are really nice.

Some people are really grateful for my help.

Some people just want me to do it for them.

Some people don’t even try to learn.

Some people just yell.

Some people repay me in hugs.

Today, a man waved me over to his computer. “I was applying for a job and I lost the website!” He had found the company’s recruiting website, but he couldn’t find the specific job he was looking for. “I don’t know the job number!”

I tell him that it’s okay. Check out that keyword search feature, sir! We’ll plug in the job title and it will spit out that job you were looking for.

He tells me it’s some warehouse position. I point out the field and tell him to type it in.

He’s a slow typist. (That’s something that always kills me, exercising patience while someone types at a snail’s pace.)

He pecked it right out on the keyboard.


“I think you, ah, um – that might be spelled wrong?” I reached around and typed in the correction.

Anything to speed this process along. Anything to get me back to my desk so that I can burst into unrestrained laughter.


Kari said...

Do you think he will be disappointed if he gets the job at the warehouse...what if he was expecting it to be a whorehouse?

A said...

Hmmm. I didn't think of that. I will be sure to clarify the next time I see him.

"So, this job you were looking at..what...exactly...would you be doing and does it involve people not wearing pants?"

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