Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mom Lottery

We like to tell Blue and Ellie – my mom and dad’s dogs – that they won the dog lottery.

One day, they were living in a shelter. And the next day, they were living in a house on a lake and snuggling with a human and swimming and taking trips to the dog park and sleeping on the bed.

Dog lottery. Winners: spoiled and loved.

This weekend – a weekend where I went home just because I was feeling sad. A weekend where I spent Saturday afternoon with my mom, Meg and two of my cousins and had so much fun that my cheeks ached from all of the smiling. A weekend where I hosted a Mother’s Day brunch for 20. – I felt especially lucky.

So lucky. So randomly fortunate.

Like I had won the lottery. The mom lottery.

Our mom is the best mom and I don’t understand how I could be so fortunate to be her daughter. I don’t deserve her. But she is my mom. And Meg’s mom. And a hell of a lot of things to a hell of a lot of people.

She is everyone’s aunt.

She is everyone’s surrogate mom.

She is everyone’s nurse.

She is everyone’s teammate.

She is everyone’s brainstormer.

She is everyone’s marriage counselor.

She is everyone’s shoulder to cry on.

She is everyone’s stylist.

She is everyone’s teacher.

She is everyone’s party planner.

She is everyone’s mentor.

She is everyone’s honest opinion.

She is everyone’s source of tough love.

She is everyone’s baking consultant.

She is everyone’s cheerleader.

She is everyone’s rock.

She is my mom.

I won the mom lottery.


k said...

you've told her this right? :)

Unknown said...

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