Sunday, May 06, 2012

The horrible joke

In addition to following a lot of cool people, a handful of celebrities, my alma mater, various news organizations and the like: I follow a handful of professional organizations. (It helps me feel less guilty for tweeting from work.) Including a few accounts that post jobs.

One of these job posting organizations – or wherever their job postings are aggregated from – has had a glitch for the past few weeks.

It repeatedly tweets out the same job opening. At the height of this glitch, I’m pretty sure that job landed in my Twitter feed 30 times in a single day.

Have I mentioned that the job is in the same town where The Coach lives during the season?

Watching that job (which I’m overqualified for) appear and reappear was a little like getting punched in the face 30 times over the course of a day. And 10 times the next day. And five times the day after that.

What a horrible joke.

Eventually, the tweets died down and I felt like the universe was no longer mocking me.

But then, on Friday, that same Twitter account had the same glitch. FOR ANOTHER JOB IN THE COACH’S TOWN.

A glitch that persisted through the weekend.

I don’t know what the universe is trying to tell me, but it’s being awfully persistent.


MichiganMommy said...

You need to talk to the Coach. Maybe he is feeling the same way but isn't saying anything because of his job. Don't hold anything back. Maybe you are meant to move out to where his job is located. I'm hoping it turns out how you want it to and can't wait to hear how it goes.

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

I'm behind on commenting (not reading) and I this kind of thing always happens to me. Maybe it is a sign especially with this amount of persistence.

Accidentally Me said...

Alyson, for the love of god, talk to him already!!! You are driving yourself crazy!!!

Mrs. Architect said...

I agree with AM! Rip off the bandaid...bc if it goes good, that totally opens the door for THIS conversation!!! :) :) :)

Kari said...

Ditto the above...time to have the talk -- if you don't give us a time and place-- there may be a few of us jumping on planes to make sure that you do have the talk!

A said...

I love you guys.

I love AM's comment -- I already emailed her to tell her, but I'll tell you guys, too. I read it on the treadmill and laughed for the last 2 miles of my run. Because I could picture her wanting to strangle me.

While I have no set time/date schedule for The Talk, I promise, promise, promise that I will do it. And write about it, obviously. So, you'll know practically as soon as I will. :)

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