Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Winner, winner

You know those secret rewards card that VSecret uses as a promo?

You buy something and they give you this gift card and it isn't active until a month later. So you keep it in your purse for a whole month like the Lemming that you are - because it could be worth $10, $100 or $500! - wondering how much it is worth even though the last thing you need is another pair of lacy underthings or a not-all-that-awesome bra.

Well, I had one of those cards. Because I had to buy these:


But I forgot about the secret reward thingie and that was fine. It was happy in the bottom of my purse, with the receipts and the Luna bar and the loose change and the candy wrappers.

Meg had a secret reward card, too. She did not forget about it. She is more responsible than I am. She marched into the store and handed it to the associate and the girl was like "um, okay. Wow. This is...$500."

And then the people in the store clapped for her.

Meg's a nice kid and maybe she was having a hard time dropping $500 or she felt bad because my card was only worth $10 (I checked after her big win) so she channeled her inner Oprah and was like "pick out a new bathing suit!"

And I don't love VSecret but they do make a pretty decent swimsuit. As a lake girl, I do appreciate a bathing suit that will hold up.

I didn't want to turn down Meg's offer, so of course I hopped right on the suggestion and I picked one out and sent her the color and the size and...

...she emailed me back a few hours later. She picked out the same suit.

Just like I knew that she would.

I was tempted to get mad but, you know, she was buying me a gift.

Well, VSecret's marketing budget was, technically. But, whatever. I picked out an alternate.

So please feel free to invite me to your pool parties.


k said...

What suit did you end up getting??

A said...

Oh, I guess it would make sense to include a picture, right?

Updating now...

Anonymous said...

haha, I checked mine right before reading this, hoping it was $500 or at least $100 alas it was only $10 bucks. Now I ponder if I am ok with it going back to the bottom of my bag/wallet...we'll see.

Yay Meg! at least now I know the $500 card do exist!

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