Thursday, April 26, 2012

To do: everything

I'm in the midst of one of those weeks where I don't have enough time and I won't have enough time but, damnit, I'm fighting it and I am just going to try to squeeze every damn second out of every minute of every day. (Conveniently, The Coach is traveling for work this week.)

Things are going a little like this: get home from work last night at 9:30 pm (after leaving the house early to babysit Lucy's little guy), bake a pan of brownies and make a batch of homemade macaroni and cheese because I'm going straight from work to my friend Heather's house and I said that I would bring dinner. Pack lunch. Set alarm early so that I have time to package up the brownies and throw a change of clothes into the car in the morning. Fall into bed.  

Every item I check off my to do list is replaced by three new tasks. I am swimming against a current and I am okay with it. No complaints. Just a really long list.
  • Pick out a really adorable outfit to wear to Meg's commencement.
  • Pick out an equally adorable outfit to wear to dinner with Lucy.
  • Order my soccer team’s jerseys.
  • Snuggle Heather’s baby.
  • Go book shopping with Lucy.
  • Have The Talk with The Coach, even though I’m scared to.
  • Read Mockingjay and therefore finish off the Hunger Games trilogy.
  • Upload photos, have them printed.
  • Prep for next Friday’s Potentially Important Meeting-Type Event.
  • Determine if I have a suit that fits that I can wear to next Friday’s Potentially Important Meeting-Type Event. 
  • Repaint my nails.
  • Find Lucy the absolute perfect 30th birthday present: a gift that is a magical combination of meaningful, practical, decadent, beautiful and otherwise very, very Lucy.
  • Conspire with Chet to create an equally perfect 30th birthday celebration for Lucy. (Party? Surprise party? Snazzy dinner? Spa day?)
  • Strong arm my cousins into committing to dishes for our Mother’s Day brunch.
  • Learn how to make meals that boys like.
  • Teach Aunt Annette how to use her Nook.
  • Come up with really great idea for a birthday gift for The Coach, just in case I need it.
  • Come up with a really great birthday celebration for The Coach, just in case I need it.
  • Mail Baby A an adorable thank you card for the very generous gift.
  • Take Grandma to see The Hunger Games.
  • Get over being annoyed at Ashley for not calling me back the last time I called her, suck up my pride and call her to catch up.
  • Purchase Meg the perfect graduation gift.
  • Have a snack.


Kari said...

Have you figured out how to make 48 hour days? Let me in on your secret!
Glad you are busy while the coach is away. Hopefully he is more free next week?

Mrs. Architect said...

Oh my gosh I'm EXHAUSTED after just reading that!

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