Friday, April 13, 2012

So Midwestern, So in the Kitchen: it continues

On Tuesday, I left off with Caprese bites and soft pretzels and a promise that I would wrap this all up.

Here I am, kids: wrapping it up.

Check. Out. This. Cheesecake.

I made it for Easter after spying chocolate dessert scrawled on my mom's list of food to bring to Grandma's house for Easter dinner. I don't mind helping. Especially when it involves dark chocolate.

My mom pointed out that the recipe was actually for a smaller cheesecake - one made in a 7" springform pan - so I ended up doubling it. It gave me enough innards to fill a 9" pan. There was enough extra to dump the remaining filling into a large soufflé dish. Nothing wrong with a little bit of crustless cheesecake on Easter morning!

I used chocolate Teddy Grahams for the crust instead of Oreos. And, other than that, I followed the recipe. Which my grandma asked me for. Big compliment.

When I'm tackling a new recipe that is especially intimidating, I generally sucker someone else (primarily Meg or Lucy) into taking on the project with me. But not last Friday. No, last Friday was Brave Kitchen Princess Day and I made tortillas all by myself.

Fact: homemade tortillas are gooooooooood. And with a little bit of practice, I can see actually becoming competent at making them. I didn't do a horrible job, but they could have been thinner and slightly more awesome.

I started on the tortillas with absolutely no plan for them. I stumbled across this recipe for Baked Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos during the tortilla creation process, realized that I had all of the necessary ingredients on hand and decided to go for it.

I didn't make the tortillas very big, so they ended up being delicious little mini burritos. That I've had in my lunch practically every day this week. They magically heat up perfectly in the toaster oven at work. I'll totally make them again. But probably not with homemade tortillas. Not for a weekday lunch. Homemade tortillas are better saved for, like, the worlds best quesadilla. Or soft tacos that are enjoyed in the company of a hot guy.

While not a recipe for humans, I can't leave out the dog treats that Lucy and I made last month. We decided to make dog treats for no apparent reason. They turned out okay. I mean, the dogs ate them.

That's not to say that they won't eat everything because, well, they will.

The cornstarch frosting was a gigantic failure. But, it was frosting for dog treats so? Carry on! Embrace the ugly!

The best part about the dog treats was giving them to the dogs. Specifically, Lucy and Chet's dog Wolf -- who didn't eat his. He trotted around the house, looking just so darn proud of himself and his fancy new dog treat.

And then, while Lucy and I were sitting on the couch, chatting away, Wolf walked up and gave his fancy new dog treat to his fancy little brother.


k said...

We made homemade corn tortillas when I was in Honduras. I typically don't like corn tortillas (flour ftw) but fresh - soooo yummy!

Ann said...

That is so cute that he gave up his treasured treat. I guess that is one unselfish dog.

Ann Lawson

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