Friday, April 06, 2012

On being the third wheel

My grandmother has stated, on more than one occasion, how highly she thinks of Lucy's husband, Chet.

My grandmother has never met Chet. But "he must be a very nice man."

I have taken this bait twice now. Grandma tells me that she's sure Chet is a very nice man and I ask her why.

"He must be a very nice man to allow you and Lucy to have such a close friendship and to spend so much time together."

Allow? Come on, Grandma.

Her thinking might be a little old fashioned, but I do get what she is saying. And it is very true: Chet is completely wonderful and accepting me as Lucy's best friend. His support has made a close friendship closer.

To be fair, I also consider him to be one of my best friends. Most of the time that I spend with Lucy, I spend with him, too.

It should probably be awkward -- the married couple, the infant and the eternally single best friend -- but it isn't and it never was. Chet accepted me. Chet accepted my friendship with Lucy. Chet accepted our kitchen experiments and our concert road trips and our restaurant preferences.

So, it might be a little weird. It probably looks a slightly strange. And people likely find it somewhat odd.

But it works.

If friends are the family that you choose, I picked a really great one.


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