Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday, get out

Wasted day at annoying fucking conference. Drove two hours to annoying fucking conference. Got up early to drive to hours to annoying fucking conference. Drove two hours home from annoying fucking conference.

Cannot fathom how I am going to put a positive spin on annoying fucking conference for my boss. Completely unproductive. I might even be stupider.

Sunglasses felt too tight on my throbbing head.

Nap thwarted by Liz's incessantly barking dog. Frustrated with The Coach. Frustrated with The Coach's job. Premenstrual. Need to grocery shop. Need to run off all of this nervous energy. Need to blow off all responsibilities and spend evening with cute boy. Need cute boy to call.

Cute boy is not calling.

Cried. More than once.

Really need a nap. Dog never shuts the fuck up.

Highlights of the day: call from Grandma to tell me that she read The Hunger Games in one sitting and loved it. Making plans to babysit Heather's newborn on Thursday night. Hair looks cute. Sun is out.

Other than that, today can suck it.


Kari said...

Hope tomorrow is could always text the boy...he may be waiting to take a cue from you...

k said...


boo tears! i had some this past weekend too.

(ps - we are having the conversation tomorrow. i am nervous!)

Mrs. Architect said...

HATE days like this. But the good news: tomorrow is always a new day with a fresh start! Hoping today is MUCH better.

And man, you're a saint to put up with a barking dog. That's one thing I have ZERO patience for.

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