Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have been replaced

Bad news, you guys.

I might look happy in this picture, but I am not happy.

I am very, very sad.

Baby A dumped me.

Our Wednesday mornings together will soon be nothing but a fond memory.

I have been replaced.

By his very own mother. Who is going to try her hand at being a stay at home mom.

(Three cheers for Lucy!)

If I'm going to be booted from this prestigious babysitting position, I suppose it's okay that I'm getting replaced by Baby A's very own, very great, very awesome mother. She did give birth to him and all that.

It is bittersweet. I will miss our Wednesday mornings together.

Lucy handed me a gift bag as I was leaving their house today. "Little A picked out a present for you, Auntie!"

I told her, 27 different ways, that she didn't have to buy me a present. (She and Chet have already taken me out to dinner as a thank you at least three times.) But she insisted. "We appreciate you!"
The kid has great taste.

And I am totally taking Lucy to dinner at the nicest restaurant in town to celebrate her new job.

Two can play this game!


Mrs. Architect said...

SO precious! I love yalls friendship!

Kari said...

It is perfect for you! You can still give Lucy a mom's morning off to run errands etc.

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