Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I can't help it (he plays along)

The Coach cleared off his passenger seat. Papers that he brushed into a neat pile. He turned around, dumping the stack unceremoniously onto the floor.

The back seat of his car was filled with other odds and ends.

Including posters. Posters of his team.

He grabbed one while he was twisted around, turning to meet me with a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Do you want a poster? Your very own poster?”

I laughed and grabbed at it. “I want a poster!”

“Oh, look,” he was obviously trying to sell me on the merits of the poster that he had handed to me, but he couldn’t keep the laughter from his voice. Laughing at himself. “I even signed it.”

“I LOVE THIS POSTER.” I set it on the floor, careful to keep it crisp, careful to keep my feet off of it. My very own poster of The Coach’s team.

The smiling faces of his players. They all look so young. He, handsome, in the middle.

The focal point.

The head coach.

It’s a part of his life that I know about but that I am not included in and it’s weird. I know what he does – he’s The Coach after all – but I do hate thinking about his life when he’s coaching. He’s treated like sort of a big deal. People recognize him at Starbucks. After games, teenage girls ask for him to pose for pictures with them.

Do you know where I am recognized? At the grocery store closest to the library. Do you know who asks to take pictures with me? My friends. My family.

It is so foreign to me.

When The Coach dropped me off later in the evening, I almost forgot the poster. We had said our goodbyes, I turned to close the door and oh. The poster. “I ALMOST FORGOT MY POSTER!” I grabbed it from the floor, I clutched it to my chest. I laughed. He laughed at me. “I’m going to hang this over my bed,” I sang, batting my eyes at him. “I’m going to hang this over my bed and I am going to stare at it every night.”

He pretended to be disappointed that I remembered the poster. I pretended to be overjoyed that I didn’t.

While he was driving home, I tacked it to the back of my bedroom door. I took a picture. Because I can’t help but indulge in silly things when they are presented to me. I sent it to him.

And he called me, laughing.

The next morning, I packed up the poster. Because I can’t drop a silly thing if it is still silly. And because he had just asked for a picture of my office a few days before.

And because I love the sound of his laugh.

And because I just couldn’t help myself.


Mrs. Architect said...

So fun! I love it! This made me smile. :)

Sarah said...

So cute!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

You totally crack me up!

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