Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Futbol? Fantastic.

I only worked until 12:30 this afternoon. When I was through at the 'brary, I went over to Lucy and Chet's to watch the baby for a bit.

There was Champion's League soccer on TV, conveniently.

Baby A is a big soccer fan.

(As of this afternoon.)

I had a soccer game of my own this evening.

On my drive to the game I worked myself into a stupid frenzy about The Coach. We're in single digits until he's home for the summer, you guys, and the reality of what I have to do and how it could turn out is hitting me. It is hitting me very hard.

I get worked up more often than I would like to admit.

(But, based only on how often I've blogged about him the last couple of weeks, you can probably imagine.)

When I got to soccer, I tucked all of that anxiety away. I stored it as energy. I vowed to run it off.

And run it off I did.

I scored two goals -- two pretty, pretty goals -- and when I left the field I was sweaty and gross and completely spent. Nothing left. Not even the anxiety.


Accidentally Me said...

A very reliable source has told me that there is more soccer on this afternoon, and that it may be worthy of playing hooky for (well, worthy for someone who cares about it...not for me:-))

I actually just got a little nervous when you mentioned that he comes home in less than 10 days:-) Clearly, we will discuss this at MUCH greater length before then...

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