Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Road Trip

I was running errands yesterday – getting the oil changed in my car and whatnot – and I stopped by my dad’s office. Just to visit.

I used to love visiting my dad at work. I would park myself in his office and watch him interact with all of the characters who work for him. My dad would harass them. They’d tell me that I was far too pretty and far too smart and far too nice to be my dad’s child.

One summer, I worked for my dad. That summer was like an extended visit to his office. Watching him interact with his employees. Having everyone tell me that I was far too charming and far too brilliant to be related to him. And picking up lunch. That was pretty much my only function: picking up lunch wherever my dad and his coworkers decided upon. The lunch vote was made as soon as they got in every morning. Priorities.

Their favorite, favorite, special, favorite place to get lunch is a Detroit institution: Lafayette Coney Island.
Not from Detroit? You probably don’t know about the coney dog: a hot dog topped with a beanless, meat chili, diced white onions and yellow mustard.

It is equal parts disgusting and awesome.

And my father had no qualms about sending his teenage daughter into Detroit – a good half-hour from his office – to buy two dozen coney dogs.

Yesterday, we relived the experience.

I walk into his office and he says “we’re going on a road trip!” He ushers me out the door, into his car and straight to Lafayette Coney Island. Where, for $63, we bought 24 Coney Dogs and one loose burger.
Packed in a box.

And into the car.

Which smelled of onions really, really strongly by the time that we got back to his office.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

That actually sounds incredible! Yum.

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